John the Beloved

A New Way of Being

When we stand with Spirit we stand in love not fear.

For the past couple of months, the news has been all about Covid-19. Even the name sounds scary! And yet far more people die of much more serious illnesses so why are we focussed on what brings us fear? Why are we so easy to manipulate?

Our whole way of life is being controlled by fear of this, whether we fear it or not. Yes, of course, some people are being very badly affected through health concerns. They need our help and compassion. Of course we want to take responsibility for our own health. We need to be sensible and considerate of others. Looking after others is important. However, more people  are being affected through the fear being broadcast.

The worst is the separation itself. We are social animals and our need to feel connected is very strong. If you are healthy, follow guidelines, then what do you have to fear? The authorities tell us that it has the worst impact on the very old and the young. Let us take care of them very well and offer support and healing.

Stepping into the fear, we isolate ourselves even more and the fear grows and grows! When we stand in Light and share healing to others there is no room for fear. After all, we are always taken care of!

Have you asked to be guided through this situation? What can you focus on to uplift you when you feel challenged?

We are meeting every week Thursday 8 pm Auckland NZ time on Facebook to send and receive healing and to connect with each other

Will you join us in sending out healing to our world instead?


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  1. When I am feeling challenged I pause and connect to the grid, I give pink bubbles to myself and the planet…..often I’l go for a walk in nature

  2. When I feel challenged, I like to look out of my window and look at the hill. In this space, I feel I am day dreaming. I also like to imagine wrap by a pink blanket.

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