John the Beloved

5 ways your Presence can operate in your world.

Are you lost in the crowd? Are you awake to all around you? Is your Presence an active part of your daily life? We often feel that if we aren’t doing anything “bad” then we must be doing “good”. However being spiritual and effective requires us to be active throughout our day, not passive. Meditating and asking to be guided is one thing. If we do not follow that by being aware of our energy and how we use it, then we have not taken responsibility for our journey. Here are 5 things you can actively insert into your day to help you be more active. 1. Begin your day with thanks for all that is in your life, both challenges and opportunities. Ask to be shown how to meet them with ease and grace. 2. Visit the Void in meditation and see the limitlesss possibilities available to you. John shares this in his March talk. 3. Set an intent for how you wish to experience your day. Hand the day over to Spirit to guide you for the highest good of all involved. 4. Look for ways to enjoy every moment of the gift of your life – and opportunities to be reminded when you forget. 5. Look for how you can be a gift to others.