John the Beloved

5 questions we can ask to help us step up on our journey

We’ve just had two major eclipses this month. Eclipses help us to step up a level if we work with the energy. Doing that is about asking ourselves questions, pondering on the answers and then meditating on the results of our pondering. If you aren’t sure what to ask, here are 4 questions that might help you to step up and move on. Then you can use the remainder of the year to work with the guidance your Soul offers.
  1. How far have I come since I began my journey? In other words, what have I learned that deepens my connection to Spirit? When we see ourselves as an integral part of All That Is, then we begin to function as community.
  2. What have I learned about myself? What hidden mindset have I uncovered and what belief system is no longer holding me back? We all have hidden mindsets and beliefs that become so automatic that we are not even aware of them. It’s why they are so powerful. Changing them can change our lives and open us to others in ways we might not consider.
  3. Where is my journey taking me? Why am I continuing and where am I headed? Once we accept that we are all on a spiritual journey, it becomes easier to see our purpose and make the choices that help us to fulfill it.
  4. What’s my first thought on waking up? Am I looking forward to what might unfold? Is there a sense of pressure? When we begin our day with joy, then our day flows easily and all is possible. When we begin our day with worry then the day is long and full of pitfalls.
How did you answer the questions?