John the Beloved

3 ways to maintain your balance in all things

Are you Alert to what upsets your?
Is your personality Awake to all that your Soul offers?
Will you choose to be Aware on all levels of the guidance being offered?

When the water element within us is out of balance then we cease to be awake, alert or aware and become reactive to events and people around us. In doing so we dig big holes for ourselves that become harder and harder to climb out of. Being aligned within brings our emotional body into alignment with the Soul and then we are able to operate from the fullness of who we are.

How do we develop this pattern? When we are alert to what upsets us then we are opening the door to cooperating with our Soul and our guidance. We were once told that when we are upset, we are simply being set up by our Soul to learn something. Taking it personally stops that learning and creates reaction. Are you alert to your emotional triggers and learning what they are trying to teach you?

When we are fuelled by our needs and not our aspirations then our personality is not talking to the Soul. We are driven by doubt, worry or fear and a sense of lack. When we are aware of all our Soul offers, we have confidence that we are always taken care of – and are shown how to take care of self and others generously and kindly. Meditating brings us into contact with our Soul and all it wishes to show us. Which are you experiencing at this point?

When we choose to be aware on all levels of the guidance being offered, we cease to live with lack. Awareness takes away the “either/or” aspect and shows us how many options we have, if we only accept All That Is. When something is not flowing, don’t take it personally. Ask to be shown what your next step is and accept that something more will come from this acceptance.

When we live in balance with all life and allow ourselves to flow with the energy, then the water element within us is aligned and emotional storms become a thing of the past.


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