John the Beloved

3 ways of practical service

How often do you spontaneously show others that you care? A surprise call to say hello, A card with a few inspirational words. A few flowers from your garden. These are not expensive at all so anyone can do this. It means so much to know you are thought of with love and affection and it changes that person’s energy. Now as they go out into the world they take that with them, touching everyone they meet even if they say nothing. What do you do when you see unkindness? It does not mean you must step forward although there are circumstances when that is essential. Mostly it’s about sending healing thoughts or pink bubbles to the situation. If you do this without taking sides then you are bringing a beautiful peaceful energy into the situation which offers an opportunity to change the energy. If it does wonderful. If it does not wonderful. Do you meet impatience and anger with patience and gentleness? When someone is being difficult do you judge and return fire? Or do you step back mentally and respond as if the energy is well? Do you try to fix that person or simply offer acceptance of where that one stands and stand in your own light with grace and ease? After all, if you fight fire with fire you will soon have a conflagration!