John the Beloved

3 Tips to check you are on purpose

Purpose is about how we encourage, inspire and support ourselves through our service to others. The universe will show us where we stand through our relationships with others since this offers us a reflection. If these relationships do not encourage, inspire and support then this is a clue to look at where we are not aligned within.

Here are 3 tips for checking you’re on purpose.

1. Look at the beliefs you hold about your purpose. If those beliefs energize or excite you then you are aligned to your purpose and living it. If they make you feel you have to work hard or try hard, if they are based around fear, then you are living what your personality thinks is your purpose. This shows you where your emotions are operating behind the scenes.

2. Next look at the attitudes you have to your purpose. If this is about how important you are in the lives of others or is a list of things you should, must or ought do or be, then this is your personality talking again. Our Soul will never talk to us in this way. Rather it inspires us to simply be the best we can be.

3. Finally look at the 3 closest relationships you are engaged in now. This is not about the past or the future but about the now. When living on purpose your relationships are great tools to help you see if you are on purpose or have slipped a little. If your 3 most significant relationships encourage, inspire and support you then you are on purpose.


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