John the Beloved

3 Tips on how to live triumphantly

Knowing the difference between triumph and success how do you live triumphantly, not just successfully?

Try going one step more than you need to do to achieve something. When we settle for what’s easy then we don’t stretch and we don’t triumph. When we go one step more we are testing ourselves and our abilities. We feel a sense of stimulation or challenge which actually opens up pathways to more creativity. That in turn leads us to grow more and more.

In any achievement how often do you look at the bigger picture and ask what more might be possible for you? What hidden opportunities lie in wait as you stretch into the task ahead of you? Be open to seeing how much more is there than you might have settled for – and celebrate the openings that you see. Keep a journal and as you go through your day record the opportunities you see for later consideration.

Finally, check in regularly to ensure that you are on purpose. If you are falling into the trap of doing things automatically then you have gone to sleep and growth is slow if not halted. Look at how much of what you do is done with focus and passion. If you feel a sense of anticipation or excitement then you are in the moment and able to experience it fully for self. Your abilities are being used in ways that trigger positive flows of energy. That in turn revitalizes you and stimulates your connection to your intuition. This is when you truly achieve a sense of triumph in all you do.


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