John the Beloved

3 reasons why your faults are important to growth

If you feel that your faults are something to ignore or hide then you are missing out on one of the best tools you have for personal growth.

Why is that? Why do we strive to be perfect?Why do we feel less when we make a mistake? Why did our Soul allow this?

The answer is simply that we are accepting a stereotype that began with religion and was developed by Hollywood. The idea that men have to be tall, dark and handsome and women have slender figures and are always elegantly presented.

Modern movies are changing that but the stereotype is now embedded in consciousness. The point is that when life is flowing beautifully we rarely stop to ask ourselves to change something. When we have a great job, happy relationship and lots of friends we simply take them for granted and enjoy them. It’s only when something goes wrong that we look at why – and what we did wrong. There are plenty of people to point out our faults then!

However, that is where the opportunity for growth comes in. We listen and we look within and recognize pieces of ourselves that we didn’t like or tried to ignore. The aspects of ourselves we like will develop naturally. The aspects we don’t like truly offer opportunities for growth since they present places to explore and develop once we let go of the judgment.

1. Perfection is boring so why try to be a bore? Accept that you are not and probably never will be perfect and be thankful for it. After all it will be lonely in your ivory tower.

2. Never making a mistake means that we might feel superior and cause others to feel less – and that won’t make us many friends! Use your mistakes as potentials for growth. If you know why you did it then you know how to change it.

3. Our Soul chooses the gifts we incarnate with as aids to our purpose. It’s good to remember that it also chooses the faults we came in with too. After all it wants to learn and grow and our faults show where there is opportunity for Soul growth.

Take the opportunities your faults offer and watch your world and yourself expand.


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