John the Beloved

Which outcome comes first?

Are we to aim for being perfect? Being spiritual? Being of service? How do we know which is the first outcome to aim for? Seems simple enough and yet this often throws people off. Last week we spoke about shaping outcomes by listening to our soul and not the criticisms of the personality. If we are listening to our soul then we are guided to the first outcome very clearly. Do you feel your guidance is really clear? Or are you uncertain which way to go? Is the voice of your soul lost in the noise of our world? The simplesst way to know which outcome comes first is the one that inspires you to reach a little higher. If the outcome is like reaching for the stars then your emotions are in the way. If the outcome is something that you can do easily then it is not an outcome but a task. When we are trying to shape our future then we are striving to achieve more. Any outcome that leads us to feel better about who we are, any outcome that lifts our spirit and gives us something positive to aim for or any outcome that offers us a new perspective on our life and journey is the next one. And if we have one of each presenting to us? Then celebrate because your soul is saying that you are more than capable of achieving them all and the order doesn’t matter!