John the Beloved

When is enough truly enough?

How often to you stop and enjoy your world? Why do you allow the busyness to get in the way? When is it your time to relax and enjoy being you?

Since Tony’s illness, we have rethought a few things and one of those things was to take time to enjoy ourselves. So we decided it was time for another dog. We bought a puppy – and then found that his mum was looking for a new home so we took her too!

Trouble is they were in New Zealand and we’re in Australia. So what did we do?

We decided to go for a visit to meet them and spent a great time with 5 puppies and 4 adult dogs chasing around the paddock! However we also decided to go back this weekend as they are almost ready to come over here.

Since we had more time this time we did a little sight seeing and revisited a place we had not seen for 35 years! Waitomo Caves is a famous glow worm cave in the Waikato of New Zealnd. Standing deep underground whilst the guide sang a Maori song for us and then sitting in the boat watching the glow worms light up the darkness I realised how much taking time out, playing with puppies and being in nature was lighting up Tony and I – not to mention Alison and Larry with whom we stayed.

We returned refreshed and energised and ready for Tony’s MRI and checkup with the specialist. How quickly the time has flown since his surgery – and how thankful we are that we listened to the warning and turned things around. We truly feel enough is enough. Business (or busyness) is not all of life. Spending time with loved ones, with our pets or in nature allows us to recharge and shine our light in the darkness much more brightly. Surprising how a little creature such as a glow worm can illuminate a cavern – especially with a little help from friends!