John the Beloved

What’s your first small change?

Do you make a list of things to change? Do you set an intent? Do you meditate? If we are to go beyond how we bully ourselves into self acceptance then perhaps the first thing we need to recognise is if we are allowing ourselves to be guided lovingly through our intuition or critically through our mind. If not what small change can you make that will help? This latest lunar eclipse is perfectly suited to this recognition……..and it lasts for a couple of weeks! It’s about aha moments that let us see who we really are. Letting go of the criticism and listening to the voice within which highlights our strengths. We always find ways to do what we truly want to do. If we have to make ourselves do something then we don’t really want to and our resistance is an opportunity to look at what is beneath that holds up back. Perhaps make little lists of things you can do towards the bigger picture. That will uplift and empower you. Set an intent based on your list. Choose the one that really appeals to you the most. This helps you to focus on your energy and not be distracted by your emotions. Meditate or contemplate. Having taken the steps you need to take, sit with your guidance (Higher Self or guides) and allow how to achieve it to be shown to you. Please don’t tell your guidance this is what you are doing as if you are giving instructions to them. ASK is this the first step? If you have not grasped the first intent, then you will be shown either by images, words or a feeling. Once you begin listening you will hear the voice of love speaking not the voice of criticism.