John the Beloved

What the world needs now….

We live in a very busy world, where we seem to rush from one thing to another. The only time we stop and look at what is happening is when there is something major to take our attention. And the news seems to find plenty of negative stuff that creates a sense of fear or uncertainty. Tony and I have lived through some of the most negative periods reported by the media – and we are all still here! We have a choice. We can stand in fear or love and we could listen to the lyrics of a song recorded in 1965, when banning the bomb was the order of the day! That song was called, “What the world needs now” and the answer was love, sweet love. It might sound too trite and yet if we only shared kindness and acceptance with others there might not be the sense of isolation so many people feel or fear. We are visitors to this planet and our role is to leave it a better world for having us in it. Can you say you are doing that? Is your love River deep, Mountain high? Or do you really believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction? (All songs from the same era – and here we are again). Time for good news!