John the Beloved

What is your place in the world?

What is your place? Where do you belong? In a recent monthly talk on this topic John says that we need two things to feel we belong. When you are thankful, you are aware of what you have contributed, what you have created, and for the outcome that creation has achieved. In that situation therefore, you are both responsible and accountable. It means that there is something that you can look at, evaluate, measure the success of, and celebrate. If you cannot speak your truth for fear of upsetting another, any opportunity to learn through that setup has been taken away. If you cannot criticise constructively, again you cannot learn and there is no opportunity to measure, evaluate, and grow. So for many people in your world, these two changing aspects have created a sense of uncertainty, a sense of not quite feeling connected wholeheartedly. As a consequence, for many, they no longer know where they belong. We may know this and yet not know how to address it. For those beginning the path I have found a poem by Max Ehrmann to be a great tool and guide. It’s called the Desiderata and offers clear and simple guidance.