John the Beloved

Secrets of living our inner magic

Last week in our Facebook Live I talked about enthusiasm and how it can trip us up. However it can also enhance our experience of Spirit to help us connect to our inner magic. After all, if something feels exciting then we usually want more, don’t we? The first secret to experiencing this lies in our ability to be curious about how it feels and how much of it we allow ourselves to feel. Is our inner magic, our brilliance, always the same feeling? Whilst it is always quietly joyful, it is also always changing as we grow and change. The second secret is the willingness to allow it to guide our experience and not try to put it into a box. When we feel the energy connect through our emotions, if we allow our inner self to harness those emotions, then we begin to feel the growth and change that occurs. The more we do that the more we are curious about how much more there can be. Who wouldn’t want to feel that? Finally, this is about a deeply personal experience. Talking about it stimulates the emotional or mental bodies. It does not increase the experience. Being willing to sit in the silence and allow the energy to expand, taking us with it, is how we enjoy more and more of who we be and the magic and joy within.