John the Beloved

Ready for 2017?

Are you clear about your aims for 2017? Is your life aligned to your Soul’s purpose for these new times? Where will you begin?

Standing at the threshold of a New Era can be full of “what if’s”. What if I haven’t let go of the old? What if I am not ready to step forward? What if I am not aligned to this energy?

That’s where knowing where to begin is the key. The answer is really simple. When we love ourselves without condition then we are able to be in the moment with All That Is. We do not look at the past for where we went wrong. We do not leap into the future in the hope that all will be well. We stand in the NOW and accept that all our creations serve us in one way or another. As Brian L. Weiss said: “Forgive the past. It is over. Learn from it and let it go.” Standing in the New Era is about standing in who we are now andbeing thankful for every step that brought us here. It is about recognising the role we have played for others and they have played for us with genuine awareness and thanks for the exeprience and wisdom gained. When we are thankful for opur life AS IT IS then we can create an even more jjoyful experience going forward. After all, we are where our thoughts and emotions have led us. When we can say thank you for the richness of our journey then we accept the pain of certain stages as part of the mix and not the focus of it. Thus we can step into the New Era with joy that we can create more of what we choose and less of what we endure. Set an intent that you choose now to learn through joy not pain; that you intend to be the you that not need to repeat painful lessons and understand how it helped you to become who you are today – the you that shines. Above all remember that you are here because you have a purpose and now is the time to connect to it and share it!