John the Beloved

Negativity as a guide to positive outcomes

How can a negative lead to positive outcomes? Often we settle for what we know and it’s only when it’s in question that we look for answers and outcomes. When we feel unsafe we look for security. Spiritually we all know that we are responsible for our secirity but it’s only when we feel unsafe that we reach for Spirit. Then we use our bubble of protection, a prayer or some other tool to give us the outcome we seek. When we are tired of feeling useless we then reach for our value and what we have to offer. Often that is not what we thought we should offer. That’s when we find within us what is true for us – and in doing so we discover how much more we are.The outcome of feeling useless is finding our value. Our world is so busy that people often feel alone and lonely, especially with the rise of social media. It seems it’s easier to text than to meet and talk. We can feel outcasts and that can drive us to find conection because as humans connection to each other brings health and peace. Feeling alone can often push peopole to go looking for company and places where there is a sense of being included. When you feel you are in a negative situation how often do you use it to find positive outcomes that enrich you and your life?