John the Beloved

Miracles and Magic

Is your life a miracle as Shakespeare states in King Lear? Do you bridge your magic as John expresses in his talk last month? How often do you stop and celebrate or simply enjoy the moment? Tony and I enjoyed one such moment of the magic and enjoyment – and a little fun! – as we kissed across the border between Andorra and France. The group had climbed the mountain and the view from the top was amazing. It seemed like a miracle to be there in that energy and connect to the elemental beings. Then we found the lookout on another mountain and it was stunning! In that moment we all felt the connection between who we are at a personality level and our Soul and Essence. It was pure magic as anyone there will tell you! The road was very twisty with a steep drop one side and cliff the other. However, the views were amazing and the air so clear that our group simply enjoyed the miracle of being there and the magic of the energy. Our meditation was very deep and purposeful! We all waited for each other to explore and celebrated together before people wandered off for their own moment in time. For Tony and I, the celebration was all the more potent after his brain surgery. As he says, he now has proof that he has one! This year we celebrated 47 years together. This mountain was symbolic of that journey. The climb was steep in parts and often the path was challenging and yet the view from where we are now is magical. It is enhanced by sharing it with a group of people on their own journey who are also finding the miracle of who they are, the magic that lies within and the fun of celebrating, not criticising, their lives. Are you?