John the Beloved

Message from a glacier

Are you living in limbo?
Do you feel/sense a shift occurring deep within?
Will you embrace this transmutation?

Tony and I did just that this last month, visiting the Canadian Rockies and Alaska with little or no internet or phone connection. The change has been profound for both of us.
There are no words to describe the sheer magnificence of these two places but what really caught our attention were the glaciers. Walking the Athabascar Glacier we felt the energy moving beneath the surface and asked what it meant.

Obviously the ice was melting and yet it was more than this. The glaciers are melting, receding very quickly. Many focus on what is being lost and the damage to come. However, we don’t yet know what is to come. We can theorize how this will affect the planet. The theories may prove correct and yet they are not knowledge. The glaciers are in a state of transmutation, water changing from one state to another. Despite that it is still water.

What is significant is that what is being uncovered has not been seen for thousands of years. Here is an opportunity to see what lies beneath the surface and what it has to offer. In connecting to the glaciers Tony and I asked ourselves these questions. Why this and why now?

What we discovered – or uncovered – opened a door of opportunity. We needed to be in limbo and detached from the day to day to see that our fallow field (as John calls it) is now ready for planting once again.

Is yours?