John the Beloved

Merry Christmas

This Christmas:

Are you spending time with those you love? Will Christmas be a time of joy? Can you practise being unconditional with all you know and love?

Whatever your holiday celebrates, for Tony and I Christmas brings much to celebrate and be thankful for, not only his amazing recovery and healthiness.

It also led to some serious soul searching….. We realised that we are surrounded by those whom we love and who love us. We have a roof over our heads, food to eat and work we love. In fact we are truly abundant. John talks about the Law of Love and how it is measured by our total acceptance of self. That brings abundance on all levels. All we need to do is get out of our own way, drop guilt and criticism and enjoy being ourselves. We ask for peace each year. When do we give it to ourselves whole heartedly? We seek love from those outside when there is an abundance waiting to be shared within. We search for joy and meaning in our lives when we ARE the joy and meaning in our lives. Next year we step into the New Era fully and totally. How wonderful would it be if we did so in full and complete love of and for self? What miracles might we accomplish then? We look forward to 2017, which John calls the year of Enlightenment, and all we may share together. Thank you for being a significant part of our lives and journey. Merry Christmas!