John the Beloved

Living in the Past – Maze or Labyrinth?

Is fear your permanent detour? Does it immobilise you at the point of moving forward? Does it motivate you to dream big? If you answered yes to the first 2 then you are living in a maze. It is a series of paths leading to dead ends. It appears to take you into the centre but you find yourself distracted and taking wrong turns. It is frustrating, self defeating and leads you nowhere. You can spend days in a maze becoming so disoriented that you no longer know where to go or what to do. The only thing you can do at this point is call for help; for someone with the key to lead you out. That spomeone is your Higher Self This month we are looking at how the past can drain the future or empower it. If the above applies to you then your past is draining your future and you need help to find the key to get out of the struggle – unless you like the struggle, of course. However, if you choose to arm yourself with the key to the maze before you enter, then your maze becomes a labyrinth, with each step takling you deeper into acceptance and understanding of yourself. The key to the maze is understanding and accepting self. There are many keys to this and the Seven Spiritul Truths is one of them. John gave us these as a tool to navigate our spiritual path. They are timeless and enduring and offer a simple and effective way to tread your path – if you use them, of course. We are offering this programme again for those who might be interested in walking the labyrinth and not the maze. No matter if you choose this or any other programme, you will only empower your future when you stop allowing your memories of failure to control your potential for success. Let go of the fear and start dreaming again! After all, your Higher Self has beautiful dreams it wishes to share with you if you take the time to listen.