John the Beloved

Lighting candles in our hearts

The image shows the concentration on the face of a little boy whose father is helping him to light candles. His whole attention is on lighting the candle and not burning his fingers. His race, religion or creed matter not. His purpose does. I imagine lots of candles have been lit in the States this month for those who lives were lost prematurely. This type of carnage, whether accidental, deliberate, a hate crime or terrorism comes from those without a candle in their heart. If we allow it these actions can also put out ours as we feel the pain. However, if we focus on that then we lose more of our light. This is a time of lighting candles in our hearts more and more often. It’s a time to help someone else do the same. I used to be very anti social media seeing it as the problem. Then I posted an image of candles for those affected by the Sandy Hook shooting. So many people connected to the image that it is time to remember it. We are more than we are allowing ourselves to be or see. We are more than one soul, in pain, hatred or fear, trying to isolate us as he or she is isolated. We are above all else a global community and when we act together the power of that love overrides any fear. How many candles are you lighting?