John the Beloved

Is your spiritual service clear?

How often do you listen to the guidance within? When do you sit with yourself to really resolve any hesitations? How often do you feel in true service to others? Hamlet’s famous words “to be or not to be” has been quoted many times – and its point is often missed. It is about the pro’s and con’s of suicide. However, it also applies to spiritual service. When we choose to serve we choose to be. When our mind tells us how to be spiritual and what to do right, we choose not to be. One is spiritual life and the other is spiritual death in life. In 1992, Tony and I were asked to leave New Zealand, where we had been living for 12 years. We were to move to Australia where our true service would begin. We heard the message – and I tried to negotiate it. After all we had already emigrated from the UK. Surely we didn’t have to do it again? Well, negotiations failed. We packed up, boarded a flight and arrived in Australia to begin again. The first couple of years were not easy and so we became very creative. We learned that when we followed our intuition/guidance then things flowed. When we thought we knew beter or interpreted things came to a halt. We also learned something significant about service. Service is about being as much of ourselves as we can. Stretching as high as possible, falling over and getting up, learning from mistakes and still moving forward is all about being there as a role model for self and others. The more we know and accept ourselves, the more we serve others and shine.