John the Beloved

Is your life a maze or a labyrinth?

Do you go around in circles never quite getting anywhere? Are you frustrated at not feeling connected all of the time? Do you feel your life is either stop or go? If so then you are living in a maze and you are coming to blank walls requiring you to retrace your steps rather than reaching the sanctuary in the middle. Of course there is always a key to any maze and once you possess it you can move to the centre and out easily and freely. In the centre of the maze lies your magic, the heart of who you are and came to be. And if your life is a labyrinth then you are slowly and consciously making your way into the centre with certainty and confidence. What makes the difference? The willingness to make that your focus and intent. If you do then everything you touch will be guided and assisted by your connection to All That Is. When you allow your life to live you then your personality is guiding and that guidance is based on self satisfaction. Ask yourself if you feel that you are growing each day? Do you feel more aligned to the heart of you or more aligned to what makes you feel good? Walking the labyrinth requires our attention. It requires us to be aware of where we place our feet, of who is on the labyrinth ahead or behind us, who walks beside us and how often we stop, simply to be and breathe. If you take time each day to orient yourself in this way you are stepping into the labyrinth and the prize you reach is your own inner magic and joy.