John the Beloved

Is your house in order?

Posted: 04 Feb 2020

When we look around at our world there is an enormous amount of energy being released in a variety of ways. There seems to be so many challenges and we often wonder how we can be of any benefit.

Having a spiritual routine helps – and that is Saturn energy operating positively! Saturn gets a bad rap. It is the teacher, asking us to take responsibility for our actions. It’s not just our karma.

We all have times when life gets busy and things seem to be missed or go off the boil. It’s easy then to be self-critical or blame others. However I’m a great believer that we always take care of what’s important to us and find time for it.

If you find your spiritual practice changes according to events in your life then you don’t have a routine and probably haven’t found the importance of one yet.

Why not take some time to meditate or contemplate on how a routine might help you by bringing clarity and inspiration to your day, week or life?

Once we see the benefits then it’s so much easier to create the habit that becomes the routine. From that habit comes the guidance that helps us to help others. 

Watch your life move forward then!