John the Beloved

How to balance your inner energy

In June 2014 I wrote Trust in all Things in response to events occurring then. Interesting how things are linked because this is how we maintain balance in our lives.
We are moving through enormous shifts and changes. More and more emotion is coming to the surface. As we feel threatened we fight to maintain our lives and our livelihoods in so many areas. It is as if we have forgotten that we are safe, loved and always taken care of.
Once we remember that, it enables us to face what changes occur with more equanimity. Change is not something to be feared; it is there to be embraced. It is surprising how often people complain about their lives. They do nothing to change it, simply enduring it. However, when change is forced on them they complain about what has been lost. To balance your inner energy consider the following. How often do you compliment yourself simply for being you? Do you look for the Light in others or only see their darkness? Do you jump to blame or seek to understand? When we look for the goodness in ourselves and others we see it. We no longer feel so threatened and are able to take a breath and find empowering solutions. Remember, as John says, “All is well”