John the Beloved

How not to block yourself

Not confident of your path? Procrastination – I’ll do it tomorrow? Need to feel safe? If you are afraid of stepping forward for fear of making the wrong choices then you will block your way. If you put things off to tomorrow then you will stand still. If your need to be safe guides your actions then your fear of not developing will become a reality. So, how to overcome these? Second guessing each choice we make is simply a waste of time and energy. We get nowhere and it erodes our confidence. Putting things off until we know more, have a stronger connection or receive a blinding flash of light means we never move because until we try and fail we cannot know if we have ever succeeded. Jumping off a cliff and hoping we’ll be protected is not the way – and yet people do this metaphorically. There is no real substitute for time with Spirit. However we can move beyond these if we focus on our strengths not our weaknesses. Confidence on our path is much easier when we focus on what we are here to achieve and not on how good we are at achieving it. Meditate on what Spirit wants to share with you and not what you want from Spirit. Waiting for the Light to strike us with inspiration sounds great but only wastes time. Spirit is giving us messages daily so practise being aware of when Spirit is guiding you. Procrastination keeps you in lack. Lack of guidance, lack of connection and above all lack of the joy of walking with Spirit. Staying with what comforts you and risking nothing means that you are saying this is all you can have. Try to stretch yourself a little more each week to do something that challenges you. If you feel the urge to do something then try it and see how it works out. Obviously that does not apply to feeling the urge to strike someone – that is definitely personality! Take baby steps and they soon become big steps.