John the Beloved

How might the Solar Eclipse impact your frequency?

On August 21st we will experience a solar eclipse in the sign the Sun rules, Leo. Leo is about personality not just personal power. It’s about a journey, not one stop along the way. I hear people talking about the eclipse and how powerful it is and getting caught in the glamour of it (which is also Leo energy). Whilst this does have the potential to be powerful, it’s important to realise that it’s part of a bigger whole. If you’ve been working on your personality to align it with the Soul, then this Eclipse will have an electric effect upon who you are and how you move forward. If you’ve been meditating but not doing the hard yards on integration, then you might have a pleasant experience but your life will not change in any fundamental way. It will not heal what ails you. It will offer an opportunity for you to do that yourself. If you have simply floated along on the surface of your path then nothing will change for you at all. Eclipses require hard work – and this one requires us to be tough with ourselves. It asks us to throw out the illusions of personal power that keep us stuck and stand in the humility of Spirit to see who we are. It asks us to let go of glamour and embrace service, to align on all levels in celebrating our spiritual self not our ego. The most significant impact takes place over 3 days; the day before, the day of and the day after the eclipse. As a total eclipse, we are being asked to allow ourselves to be overshadowed by our Higher Self, release into the Void all that is less and, as we are revealed in Light once again, to stand in our spiritual strength. Until we are willing to do this our world cannot change. After all, if we are not willing, how can we expect others to be? Let your Soul shine!