John the Beloved

How do you share your Light?

What does it mean? Why would we do this? How do you share your Light? Throughout the year John has been teaching us how to be more of who we really are in this new energy through his monthly talks. He has taught us how to set our sacred space, how to stand on solid ground, about our spiritual practice and service. These are all ways to share our Light because each one of these is about us being ourselves in honest ways. Each one offers us tips and techniques for being a “spiritual being having a human experience”. Why is this important? We live in a fast paced world where it seems that every day some new atrocity is occurring to make our world a place of fear. And yet if you look at the percentages this is simply an appearance. Millions of people daily shine their light in simply ways and in doing so make the world a brighter place. It’s just that apparently good news isn’t as interesting as bad news. Perhaps all those horror films have taught us that we feel more alive when we are afraid? The significance of all this is that our world is in better shape than we are led to believe and that comes because so many people are shining their light, offering kindnesses to friends and strangers. In my October Facebook live I spoke about the Japanese gentleman who carried my case up a flight of stairs for me even though it was out of his way. Sharing your Light is about the things you do for others without great cost to self that empowers them in some way. Carrying my case did not empower me but the kindness certainly did – and it warmed my heart! That is really what shining your Light is about. It’s about how many hearts you can warm through simple acts of kindness. Will you?