John the Beloved

Enlightenment is a wonderful thing

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”-Lao Tzu When we know ourselves then we are not taken by surprise by our own thoughts and actions, nor do our feelings operate independently. We are not perfect and totally in control. However we know our buttons and how to respond to them. Casual cruelty has always been a button of mine and so I look at various ways to respond to it, rather than react. We are here to learn and grow. However, we are also here to contribute to creating a happier, more balanced world. For years I have taught, “If it’s to be it begins with me.” Our world is made up of individuals and they ultimately have the power to change things. If we throw our hands in the air when our buttons are pushed, or if we turn away as being insufficient to the taks then we are not listening to our inner voice or our buttons. We are hiding in plain sight and probably blaming others. How well do you know yourself?