John the Beloved

Do you welcome others to belong?

Do you circle the wagons so that others cannot invade your space? Do you have clear rules for who can belong with you and who cannot? Do you open your heart to those who are guided to your door? Belonging is not just about where we belong or with whom we belong. It’s also about those who belong to us. Our family, our friends, our tribe or community are all part of our energy of belonging. Are you overprotective of these areas of your life? Superstitious perhaps about letting too many people in for some reason? Are you selective about who qualifies either to be with you or to work with you? When I first began working with Spirit that was exactly me. I had not arrived at the point where I surrendered to the knowing that my Soul could direct my life much more fully than I ever could at the personality level. I moved through belonging to others and then belonging to me and still did not feel I truly belonged until I surrendered to my Soul and stepped back. At that point I realised that I did not need to protect, to set up rules and regulations. I learned that those who belong to me and with whom I am to work will appear when the time is appropriate for us both. All I had to do was be present to learning and understanding that community starts with an open and willing heart. That those who resonate to who we are will always find us. Most of all I learned that if I never step out of who I am I can never become who I am meant to be – and that inviting others to share my journey is one of the most potent ways to do this for self and others.