John the Beloved

Do you live in terror or joy?

Is the news a reflection of life in your world? Do you live with terror or joy? Is your world continually shaken by drama?

John taught us years ago that what we attach to is a reflection of how we operate at a personal level. The events of the past couple of weeks in various places in the world have been based on terror. The desire to inflict it and the fear of being caught up in it. If we attach to the fear being planted and watered by the media then we live in terror. We feel helpless and small. If we attach to the gift of who we are and celebrate those around us, then we live in joy. Of course bad things happen to good people. Life is not fair. But it is a glorious gift and how we use it is important.

Kirsty Boden was a nurse having an adventure working overseas. When the killing began in London she did not run for safety. She ran into the chaos to try to help those who had been stabbed – and in doing so lost her lilfe. She died fulfilling her purpose. I don’t advocate running into danger but this about something more.

Should she have run towards danger? Should she have been wise and gotten away to help others by going to the hospital in which she worked?

Those thoughts come from the mind. When the chips were down her heart spoke and she listened. She lived her life with purpose and she died doing so. She probably didn’t expect to do so. She probably didn’t stop to think at all. She simply intuitively did what she felt called to do. Some may call her foolish. I see someone who refused to allow terror, hers or that of another, to stop her doing what she felt called to do. What are your thoughts?

Vale Kirsty Boden and all those who run towards danger in support of those in danger.