John the Beloved

Do you live in compartments or in All That Is?

A couple of months ago in one of his talks, John asked if we live in compartments or if we live in Divine Light. I found this quite thought provoking because he went on to explain that when we live in compartments, when we put things into separate boxes in order to cope, we are living from our personality. We live in exclusivity.

When we live in Divine Light within, we have no compartments or segments. All Is One. He continues to say that it is the same with our daily life.

“If you organise your life into that which is work and that which is pleasure, you separate aspects of yourself. So some of you is used for your working situation. Some of you is used for your pleasure situation. The whole of you is never used.”

That got me thinking. If I differentiate my time as work and pleasure then I must not enjoy my work since pleasure is something else…..

I began to rethink and then restructure my thinking. The last New Moon meditation was the perfect opportunity for this since the New Moon is about setting new intents. This particular Moon is about new ways of thinking that inspire and uplift so my challenge to myself was how to describe my ‘work’ using pleasure words. I set the intent to think of a new word or phrase each day to call my “work’ and my ‘pleasure’ so I enjoyed both equally. It has been fun – and I am learning so much about my subconscious thought patterns.

How do you differentiate your daily life, if at all? What new word or phrases could you dream up?