John the Beloved

Do you bring balance to all around you?

Do you stand still amidst the rush of mass consciousness? Are you poised and serene despite the energy around you? Are you in the world but not of it? These stones are perfectly balanced despite the flow of water. In our recent trip to Andora we were gifted with finding this beautiful place where the air was calm and serene and families with their children and dogs were able to play together and enjoy all it offered. We did a meditation here and felt our hearts open more and more fully. John talks about this in his talk about Elemental Intelligence. He says that by being aligned emotionally, and therefore ready to align to the elements within your being, you are able to build your bridge of magic between yourself and the elemental kingdoms of nature. You are able to once again work in harmony with the elementals to plant, to grow, to nurture, to thrive, to benefit all life forms in all areas. Even more, as you practice that, you become the balancing factor, which stabilizes your weather patterns, which empowers the natural world to create through joy, through beauty. Are you like these stones?