John the Beloved

Creating magical moments

We all need those moments of magic when we simply stop and breathe in the moment and let everything else recede into the background. How effective are you at creating magical moments for self and others? Do you believe it’s possible? Is it being in denial of reality?

In August 2018 I wrote about being in Andorra and how magical it was. That magic was composed of small moments of joy, some based on the natural world we explored, some based on those who were together and some based on unplanned happenings.

When we’re open to magic, it shows up in our lives in beautiful and inspiring ways.

It’s not possible to always be visiting somewhere new or exciting. It is however possible to create those moments of magic for yourself and others at any time. It comes from taking time. Time to watch a child at play; to sit on the grass and appreciate all around us, light a perfumed candle and breathe in its energy. Taking time beyond all we do to simply sit and be can reconnect us to the magic within our Soul and all it has to offer.

How often do you do so?