John the Beloved

Creating Community Awareness

Do you live in Community? Are you open to engaging with others for the joy of it? What are you willing to offer to others? Over the holiday period I spent some time reflecting about the JTB community and its purpose. I have been asked why I do not use this to promote the businesses of community members. After all, that is service. I looked at the vision I had when Tony and I stepped forward and our mission statement really says it all. Where love and learning walk hand in hand It says nothing about business because this is about the journey into Spirit. Over the years members have come and gone as they have learned, moved on or found it not quite all they expected. However, within all of that we have a beautiful group of people who remain constant to the idea of love and learning. And who certainly walk hand in hand with each other. At our last retreat we had someone who had never attended one and was quite shy and uncertain about being there. At the end she thanked us all for welcoming her and said that she felt she had found love, acceptance and family. Not a bad testimonial to the energy we create when we are open to each other. Community requires only 3 things in my book. The willingness to be open to love, the ability to accept who others are for themselves and not what they can bring and finally to see each other as part of the Divine family of Light. When we can share that then we have community. Then we live in the best of all possible worlds. We stand in our light and share that light with our community and our world.