John the Beloved

Checklist for maintaining your Light

Do you row your own boat? Are there barnacles attaching to your boat? Is your path free and clear? At this time of year it is good to take stock of who we are and how we are travelling. Reflecting on our energy and how we are using it offers us an opportunity to integrate more of all we have been learning. The more we integrate the better our energy becomes. This past month, we have tried to offer ways for you to integrate. Now its about if you are being the captain of your boat. When we remember that we ARE our Light then we are the rowboat and we move through the water guided by our Soul energy. If we allow the motion to take us and focus on what we are here to do for others then all is well most of the time. However, we still have lessons to learn and they are most effective when they involve other people. Barnacles on a boat are like the people who attach to us for their needs to be met. Whilst we are doing that all is well. When we stop meeting their needs or they feel less important to us then trouble brews. For us it is about learning to let go and allow our Soul to guide. Sometimes that means walking away and sometimes that means recognising where we need to make some adjustments. Here are a few things you can do to check your energy levels and your Soul connection.
  • Is your bubble up around your energy?
  • When feeling attacked, use the Violet Fire meditation to clear the energy. You can find this in our free resource section, if you are signed up to the newsletter.
  • Ask that your Light shines fully and does not blind others. A sneaky way of ensuring that you harm no-one else.
  • Meditate on how you use your Light and how to use it to welcome others.