John the Beloved

Change is coming!

Posted: 11 Feb 2020

Our year has already begun with so much drama!

We have a US president impeached, Brexit will apparently go ahead, Australia is burning, flooding (or both!) and parts of Europe are sinking. What can we do about it? In his latest talk John offers us an exercise we can use to bring inner balance and alignment and also impact the planet. The elements are totally out of balance and by finding our inner balance we help all life here.

He raises some interesting points about how selective we are in attributing blame – never a good idea!

How much do you ponder the state of our world? What can you do, no matter how small, to change awareness that we are all responsible for what happens on earth, not just the politicians?

Harmlessness is about our thoughts and deeds, not just our deeds. It’s about how we allow waste and feel entitled or special.

Are you open to changing how you live – or just how others live?