John the Beloved

Can you create effective affirmations?

We all know how to make affirmations, don’t we?
So why don’t they always work?
Are we truly affirming?

When the Secret came out the idea of affirmations took off. Those of us who had worked with them for some time were delighted that people embraced the idea of claiming their life back. We were also dismayed that within the teaching there appeared to be something missing. After all, we would all like to win lotto, have the perfect relationship or the corner office with the big salary. However if we could pick these things off a tree how would we truly benefit? If we only have to ask without taking care or responsibility then we soon become greedy or careless of others.

Of course affirmations work if they are used appropriately. For example, if you and a colleague are competing for a promotion for which your colleague is better qualified and you ask for that promotion, are you truly claiming you or trying to prove that you are better than your colleague? In that case you won;t get the promotion.

If you don’t believe that you are entitled to something you are affirming then it won’t happen. It’s that simple. Your belief will block it out. If you affirm something that you know to be untrue then it cannot be true.

So how do we use affirmations. Firstly, my suggestion is to stop asking for things. Look at who you are and who you wish to become and then begin to affirm what will bring that into your life. For example, if you wish to be wise then start learning. However that is only half of it as that is knowledge. Apply the knowledge and it becomes wisdom. Therefore your affirmation could be a simple one.

Each day I apply wisely all I am learning.” or “Each day I am thankful for the opportunities for growth which come my way.”

After all, if you are wise you will know how to to win lotto, have the perfect relationship or the corner office with the big salary. The thing is that once we are wise we might find that they are not what we want after all………….