John the Beloved

Building connection

I posted this image on Facebook a little time ago and feel it is very appropriate now. Our world is being shaken and buffeted and is reflecting back to us the energy we are living in. We are moving so quickly through life that we often don’t even notice until disaster strikes. However, when we are connected to our guidance and paying attention, then we will be guided to safety or prompted to stay still. We allow ourselves to be shaken when we are not anchored in our knowing. Memories of past issues block us and keep us stuck. The more we live in the now, the more we meditate – 30 minutes each day is enough – and the more we act on the promptings we are being given, the more our life builds connection with the Divine. Our Master, teachers and guides in Spirit will come closer to help us because we are now paying attention. However, then it is up to us to act. If we hear and don’t act then we cannot build connection. Listening to Spirit and acting on the guidance offered is the only way to truly develop and build your spiritual connection. Anything else is simply words.