John the Beloved

Being the Gift for others

Two years ago last October, Tony was diagnised with a brain tumour. At the end of the month based on that experience I asked these 3 questions. Are you a light in the window? When trouble calls are you there? Is your knowing stronger than your fear? People stepped forward to hold our hands as we moved through the experience. There was such an outpouring of love and we wrote about it at that month’s end. We don’t have a health issue now, our lives are growing and building beautifully and our knowing is supported and sustained. We no longer need that support as Tony is doing very well as a result of all the energy given to him then. Sometimes that can be a problem for those who did offer. They no longer feel needed. However that is their journey, not ours. People come and go in our lives and they leave behind their footprints, both loving and not so loving. However, those who are a gift for us leave moer than their footprints. They leave their love in our lives. When we are a gift for others we do the same. Are you a gift for others – or do you only want to the one receiving the gift?