John the Beloved

Being on retreat

We have just completed the Healing and the Soul Mastery retreats in Port Douglas and the energy was both amazing and challenging.

Why do we hold these retreats? Because our lives are so busy and getting away with a group of like-minded people helps us to step away from the distractions of our day. However, that doesn’t mean we have to suffer to do the work…..

If we believe we have to suffer to go deeper then we miss the point. We can stay in beautiful places and work just as deeply since we are uplifted by our surroundings. If we believe that being spiritual means having to be basic then we forget that Spirit is abundant. If we believe that going on retreat makes us special and more spiritual then we forget that Spirit sees who we are all the time, not just at certain times.

We are here in service and that is not servitude. We are also here to be humble and that is not suffering.

Nevertheless I have not seen any teaching from John that says we have to eat bread and water to do either of the above.

What beliefs do you hold about how you work spiritually?