John the Beloved

Being at the Heart of the Universe

Are you willing to see the past clearly? Do you have a vision for the future? Can you align them? John tells us that if we’re not aligned within to the highest good for all, if we react in place of responding, then we are standing at the heart of our Universe since we have made ourselves the centre of everything. When we allow ourselves to be open to the guidance from Spirit, are kind and in acceptance of All That Is then we stand at the heart of the Universe. How to know the difference? Understanding which applies to us is not easy and so John shared with us about the Void some years ago. At that time he spoke of the various levels. It was interesting how many people then aimed for the highest as something to attain rather than asking where they stood and how to move higher in vibration. The Void is a resource since it is pure consciousness. When we visit we have a choice. We can ask about what is important to our daily lives. This is about the heart of our Universe Or, we can ask to be shown where our past and future join together. At that point , we can ask if we have fully unerstood and accepted the past. If so, we can then ask to be shown a vision of our future clearly. In doing so we are working towards a foundation that is about the highest good of all concerned, whatever form that might take.