John the Beloved

Being aligned

Posted: 10 Dec 2019

John often speaks of being aligned.

When we were in France researching the retreat in 2018 I photographed this man in Carcassonne, entertaining the crowds. First he juggled the glass balls and then he tossed them until they rested one on top of each other on his head. He made it look so easy as he held himself perfectly still whilst doing so.

That is alignment. Being still and directing our energy where we want it to be until it comes to rest in perfect balance and alignment is the spiritual journey. Dashing about claiming and demanded our rights isn’t.

Once of the most significant qualities to develop is humility, which isn’t subservience. It’s a recognition that we’re a small cog in a very big wheel that is perfectly capable of turning without our help.

Without humity we can’t find alignment and being aligned is how we serve best.