John the Beloved

At One or Atone

Do you feel like a mouse on a wheel?

Are you manifesting with ease or do you feel you have to earn what you desire?

Are you feeling tired most of the time?

This year began with a bang and shows no sign of slowing down. Everyone I speak with talks about the fast pace, being exhausted and not feeling at ease. If this is how you feel then the answer is simple and easily overlooked because the problem disguises it.

When we are at one we live in a state of Being at one will all life. When we are struggling we live in a state of atonement. The first reflects our joy and the second reflects our pain. We are taught that there are a series of Universal Laws and each one helps us to see our place in the scheme of things.

Perhaps the one most often overlooked is the Law of One or the Law of Being.

This law is also called the Law of Being since it states that we are all part of one whole – or one Universal Being.

It reassures us that we are part of everything; therefore everything exists as energy within us. We do not need to be aware of it for it to exist; we do need that awareness if we wish to focus, direct or qualify it. This energy is often termed “The Mind of God” by esoteric students, however we determine God to be. This operates irrespective of our approval, belief, hope or action.


And we are in the Mind of God because we exist.

For example, Pluto was only discovered in the 1930’s. However, it has always been there. The fact that we did not see it previously had no impact upon its existence.

When we connect to this aspect of Universal energy we cease doing and allow ourselves simply to be at one with all life. It is an opportunity to detach from our thoughts and feelings and to go within and simply sit in the Silence. As we allow the Silence, we begin to experience what it is to BE rather than to do.

We are not in meditation to ask questions, connect to guides and teachers. We are simply going within and allowing ourselves to understand our Being. In this manner we connect deeply and profoundly to the energy of the Universe in an unconditional and healing way. We cease to take things personally and begin to take things Universally.

There is a meditation to assist with this in our free resource section.