John the Beloved

Are you Ready for the New Beginning?

Are you ready to live with joy?

Do you have a plan for moving forward?

Have you created the platform for the future?

John tells us that we are entering a new energy when we step into 2016. In his latest talk he asks us if we are prepared for this. Many of you will be able to answer the first two questions posed above but what about the third? How do we create a platform for the future if we don’t know what that future holds?

A long time ago I realised that if I was going to work with Spirit then perhaps it might be a good idea to allow Spirit to guide my actions and my journey. After all, my guide and teachers are there for that purpose. Of course meditation helps. However, in my experience when I am feeling particularly emotional or my mind is strong I may struggle to hear the messages clearly. I decided to do it a little differently.

Meditation is crucial, of course yet it is not always possible to stop and go into meditation to ask in the moddle of a challenging situation or when we need direction. It is always possible to ask a mental question and look for the answers.

I began by holding the question in my mind and asking for a respone. Then I would open up a book – any book – at random and read where my eyes fell on the page. At first I had some really interesting answers, not all of which were helpful. I realised that it is important to be really clear about what I was asking. In doing this I would often feel my answers appeared. Getting the question clear made a difference to what book i was guided to pick up, how I read the words on the page and most important my acceptance of those words.

Secondly I might ask that I would hear the answer in conversation with another. Something someone else might say without knowing my question would give me the clue I needed. It’s amazing how well that one works! It was almost as if the words were electrically charged so that they stood out. My guides obviously felt it easier for me to hear the words than to read them.

So how about beginning by asking yourself what type of foundation you want to create for 2016 – preferably to do with your spiritual journey rather than your business one. Then look at what at a personality level you can build on it.

Let’s start to build the future we want to enjoy.