John the Beloved

Are you living your Vibration?

Is your way of life aligned to your spirituality? Are you living in harmony with the Earth?

We hear so much on the news about how our world is changing and most of it is fear based. We hear about escalating climate change, crime, drugs etc.

And yet this is also an exciting time to be alive if we are open to the inner changes possible that enable us to climb higher on the spiritual scale.
If we sit in fear then we cannot climb. It is all about our frequency and we control that. No-one else is or can be in control unless we allow it. Our vibration is an outcome of how we think and what we believe. If we focus on the physical things which upset us then we are being set up to look at our spirituality and how or if we are using it wisely.

How can we do so?

Living spiritually all the time not only at weekends or in the evenings
Aligning our vibration to living our potential.
Creating community to affect the energy – or frequency – of our world.

So how do we achieve that?

See the beauty of life around you – the image above was taken in our back garden a couple of years ago. We have moved on but the energy stays with us. Focus on what you like about your self and others. If you could be anyting you wish what would you be? Take time to stop and connect with others.

Our vibration is also about the energies we chose to incarnate with to help us to learn and grow. Each of these energies is a Ray of Light with its own characteristics and is a great tool for understanding self. We are offering a fun webinar on May 7th if you wish to join us.

We are also offering a Rays Initiation workshop in HK for those who know what their Ray makeup is and want to enjoy its potential.