John the Beloved

Are you happy to receive all the time?

Working with the Gift Shop we are always in a place to receive. IT is where we claim all we seeka nd is a powerful tool for us to use on the path. What is the gift shop? In our May Facebook Live we spoke in more detail about this. As John explains, it is a frequency. The Void shows you your potential. The gift shop shows what is possible for you to achieve if you resonate at the frequency of your choice. When you step into the Gift Shop you are then able to claim that possibility for yourself. John speaks about how our frequency affects this. Here is an extract. It’s a frequency. It’s a vibration. Just as with the Void of Limitless Possibilities, so it is with the Universal Gift shop. Whatever frequency is your frequency, when you go to this place, what you will see available to you resonates to your frequency.” Do you resonate to unlimited receiving? Is there a condition within that allows or disallows what you receive?