John the Beloved

Are you a Light in the Window?

Are you a light in the window? When trouble calls are you there? Is your knowing stronger than your fear? In early October Tony was diagnosed with a brain tumour and within a matter of days he was in the operating theatre for a 5 hour operation. He had not felt ill but he had been experiencing confusion, forgetfulness and tiredness so it was a deep shock to find that he had a large tumour on his brain. It is easy to fall into shock and fear. They are natural in such circumstances. The secret is to try not to be immobilised by them. The moment he was told, Tony immediately focussed on giving himself healing. I asked Spirit for help and was told to ask others in the community for healing too. Tony has always used the Blue Flame when offering healing to others and I am a great believer in the power of Pink Bubbles so I asked people to please send both. The response was amazing and overwhelming. The doctors and nurses cannot understand how someone they believed had little chance could be talking and joking 3 hours after surgery and walking the ward the following day! In the month when John spoke of unconditional love in his talks, Tony and I experienced the fullness and beauty of it. And it works! For us it was as if we were shown a light in the window guiding us home. That light burned brightly and steadily throughout the whole experience. Those who work closely with us and John stepped up immediately. However, clients who have become friends and whom we have never met also stepped up. Every single person became a light in the window for us and eased our path enormously. They were prepared to be there when trouble called on another and because of it our knowing was supported and sustained. Of course there was fear of the unknown but Tony and I knew that this was not his time and that there were lessons to be learned. Tony will share his later. My biggest lesson, and one many struggle with, was asking for help for us. It is easy to fall into the trap of having to take care of everything and everyone.. Letting go and allowing others to be your light in the window is a wonder-ful experience. Try it and see!