John the Beloved

Anchor your Heart – The Joy of Being

At the end of June a group of us went on retreat to Andorra. There we enjoyed the most beautiful countryside, excellent weather and a sneak preview of Cirque to Soleil’s 2019 show. Did we enjoy ourselves? YES. Did we experience a stronger connection to Spirit? YES. Did we anchor our heart? Absolutely. We allowed ourselves to flow with the energy. The programme I had created went out the window as we followed where Spirit led us and listened to our hearts. And it began even before we arrived when we stopped for lunch and I saw this sign in the restaurant (see image with this post). The owner was so welcoming and nothing too much trouble. It set the tone. The hotel staff were delightful and our driver a charmer. When Phil, our videographer joined in the fun too, we became a family. Then we began the work – and boy did we laugh! I had the novel idea that the group would teach Tony and I about the Rays, despite having no preparation. They connected to their hearts and through that to the energy of each Ray – and their creations surprised even themselves! They anchored their heart connection and they tell me they are still feeling the joy of the energy back home. We are now settled in NZ though our furniture is stuck on the docks and has been for 2 weeks. Does it bother us? No. We are focussed on the joy of being here and it will arrive when it arrives. There is a lovely prayer which says: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can – and the wisdom to know the difference. When we anchor our heart we live this way in truth, courage and alignment with All That Is!