John the Beloved

3 Ways we delude ourselves

Are you always honest with yourself? Do you allow other people’s opinions to be more important than your own? Do you feel that you need to be perfect before you can step forward? Over the past few months I have seen them present more and more often. We all consider ourselves spiritual beings on a path of light. And we are. However, when it comes to the day to day things do we ask Spirit to guide us or do we fall into the trap of consulting our intellect or others? Being honest with ourselves is about really looking at our motivations. Someone recently told me she was trying to help me by not creating stress. The irony was that her act actually created stress between us. When she looked deeper it was about being safe. She had to tell herself it was for me so she could feel comfortable. Do you do this? Other people will always have an opinion about us and who we are. They are entitled to do so and it helps them learn. However when we make how others see us as the justification for something we do then we are deluding ourselves. It means we are not taking responsibility for our actions. How can we when we are doing it their way? Being perfect first is the perfect delusion. If that was true nothing would ever be accomplished. We would all be trying to be perfect and failing! The whole point is that we are here to live life, try things, fail at some and succeed at others. Failure is a recipe for success! The more we try and fail we more we understand what we are doing and the better we become at doing it. When we let go of the above we finally allow ourselves to be HUMAN. After all we are spiritual beings having a human existence. How can that be if we don’t allow ourselves to be human?